The MARTEC18 program will be covered and elaborated through the following five session topics:


(WEDNESDAY, 2nd May)

Morning session

08:30  Registration

09:30  Welcome session

09:45  Opening session

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Mr. Rashid Sumaila (University of British Columbia, Canada)
“The role of climate change, fisheries subsidies and large scale high seas protection on the conservation and fair sharing of the global ocean”

10:30 THEMATIC SESSION TOPIC 1: Advances onboard

CHAIRMAN: Mr. Juan Santos (Thuenen Institute, Germany)
“Bycatch reduction at sea: Expanding the toolbox in the view of the EU Landing Obligation”

INVITED SPEAKER: Mr. Greg Hamman (Marine Instruments, Spain)
“Discard Monitoring and Evaluation with Electronic Monitoring Technologies”

11:00  Coffee break

11:30 THEMATIC SESSION TOPIC 1: Technical talks (10′ talk + 2′ questions)

Ms. Dorothee Koop (IFEREMER, France)
“A promising selective device for multi-species trawl fisheries: the T90 cylinder”

Ms. Lucy Southworth (University of Bangor, United Kingdom)
“Trialling disruptive technology using a square mesh panel incorporating artificial light to reduce bycatch in the Isle of Man queen scallop trawl fishery”

Ms. Sonia Méhault (IFREMER, France)
“Escapement patterns of red mullet and horse mackerel facing three different trawl selective devices”

Ms. Catalina Román (IFOP, Chile)
“Rigid separation grid device in demersal trawls fisheries: Have implications in discard reduction?”

Mr. Barry O’Neill (DTU, Denmark)
“Using iluminated grids to separate fish in the codend extension”

Mr. Amos Barkai (OLSPS, South Africa)
“OLRAC Electronic Logbook and Image- Recognition Solutions: A fully integrated Electronic Monitoring and Reporting (EMR) solution”

Mr. Sebastian Uhlman (ILVO, Belgium)
“Digital imagen analysis of flatfish injuries”

Mr. Carlos Vilas (IIM- CSIC, Spain)
“An innovative technology for on board automatic identification and quantification of the catch”

Ms. Cristina Barragán (University of Cádiz, Spain)
“Physiological recovery after bottom trawling as a method to manage discards: the case study of Nephrops norvegicus and Squilla mantis”

Mr. Ignacio Ruiz- Jarabo de la Rocha (University of Cádiz, Spain)
“Evaluation of survival capacity and physiological recovery after longline capture of the blackspot seabream (Pagellus bogaraveo)”

Mr. Fernando Martín  (University of Vigo, Spain)
“Use of computer vision on board to monitor discards”

14:00 Lunch

Afternoon session

15:00  THEMATIC SESSION TOPIC 2: Data Management and Processing

CHAIRMAN: Mr. Petri Suuronen (Luke, Natural Resources Institute – Finland)
“Solutions for data acquisition, management and processing of fisheries discards, with potential contribution for fisheries management”

INVITED SPEAKER: Ms. Cristina Morgado (European Fisheries Control Agency, Spain)
“Discards estimates as a tool to evaluate compliance”

INVITED SPEAKER: Mr. Xosé Tubío (S.G. Control and Inspection – MAPAMA, Spain)
“Electronic tools in place in Spain for catch reporting and quota management”

16:00 THEMATIC SESSION TOPIC 2: Technical talks (10′ talk + 2 ‘ questions)

Ms. Amparo Pérez (FAO, Italy)
“Discards in European demersal fisheries”

Mr. Amos Barkai (OLSPS, South Africa)
“The development and use of a “real- time” data management system with a map-based interface to better inform the management of Shetland islands inshore fisheries: A case study”

Ms. Maitane Grande (AZTI,  Spain)
“Taking another step forward: system of verification of the Code of Good Practices in the Spanish tropical tuna purse seiner fleet operating in the Atlantic Indian and Pacific oceans”

Mr. José María Bellido (IEO- Murcia, Spain)
“Predicting possible fishing strategy outcomes due to the EU landing obligation”

Mr. Petri Suuronen (Luke, Natural Resources Institute, Finland)
“Monitoring and management of fisheries discards”

Mr. Francisco Landeira (CESGA, Spain)
“Spatial Data Infraestructure technologies applied in LIFE iSEAS project to improve efficent fishing”

17:30 – 18:30   Coffee break and Poster Session

19:30 Bus to the MARTEC18 Welcome Reception
Departure point at MARTEC’18 Venue (C/Policarpo Sanz, 24-26)

20:00 Welcome Reception hosted by Concello de Vigo · Quiñones de León


(THURSDAY, 3rd May)

Morning session

06:30  – 08:30 Visit to the Fish Auction of the Port of Vigo

09:45  Opening session

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Mr. Tom Catchpole (CEFAS, United Kingdom)
“Advances in Marine Technologies Applied to Discard Mitigation and Management”

10:30 THEMATIC SESSION TOPIC 3: Solutions in land

CHAIRMAN: Ms. Begoña Pérez- Villareal (EIT Food CLC South , Spain) & Mr. Jean Pascal Bergé (former IDMer Director, France)
“Small decentralized processing unit or large scale processing plant?”

INVITED SPEAKER: Mr. David Cabanelas (Valora Marine Ingredients S.L., Spain)
“Use discards for valorization fishmeal and pet food”

11:15  Coffee break

11:30 THEMATIC SESSION TOPIC 3: Solutions in land (Cont.)

INVITED SPEAKER: Mr. Javier Borderías (ICTAN- CSIC, Spain)
“By- catch valorization in Galician waters”

INVITED SPEAKER: Mr. Mike Van’t Land (ILVO, Belgium)
“Potential valorisation of by-products from the Belgian fisheries: fish silage as protein source in animal feed”

INVITED SPEAKER: Mr. Ricardo I. Pérez (IIM-CISC, Spain)
“A Smart pilot plant to valorize biomass associated to the new landing obligation: The LIFE iSEAS initiative”

12:50 THEMATIC SESSION TOPIC 3: Solutions in land (10′ talk + 2′ questions)

Mr. Bruno Iñarra (AZTI, Spain)
“Simplified methology for the selection of an option for unavoidable unwanted catches valorization”

Mr. Xosé Antón Vázquez (IIM-CSIC, Spain)
“Marine peptones production from biomass due to the Landing Obligation”

Mr. Raul Pérez (University of Granada, Spain)
“Production and fractionation of tuna by-products protein hydrolysates by ultra and nanofiltration”

Mr. Luis Taboada (IIM-CSIC, Spain)
“Production of fish protein hydrolysates (FPHs) from three fish species discarded: from lab to pilot plant”

Ms. Mónica Carrera (IIM-CSIC, Spain)
“Potential bioactive peptides from the sarcoplasmic fish proteome”

14:00 Lunch

Afternoon session

15:00  THEMATIC SESSION TOPIC 4: Environmental and socio-economic implications of the Landing Obligation

CHAIRMAN: Mr. Francesc Maynou (ICM- CSIC, Spain)
“Environmental and socio-economic implications associated to the Implementation of the Landing Obligation”

INVITED SPEAKER: Mr. Sveinn Agnarsson (University of Iceland- Iceland)
“Using multi-criteria analysis to assess socio-economic impacts of change in management. The case of the Iceland cod”

15:30 THEMATIC SESSION TOPIC 4: Technical talks (10′ talk + 2 ‘ questions)

Mr. Gonzalo Rodríguez (University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain)
“Value of time spent in additional tasks imposed by the landing obligation”

Ms. Julia Calderwood (Marine Institute, Ireland)
“Simulations showing how to use of discard hotspot maps could help reduce the economic impact of the landing obligation for Irish vessels”

Mr. José María Bellido (IEO- Murcia,  Spain)
“Coastal areas and small pelagic discards: a spatial planning approach”

Ms. Marian Torres (University of Algarve, Portugal)
“Ecological impacts of adopting the discard ban policy in the deep-water crustacean trawl fishery off southern Portugal”

Ms. Xela García (University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain)
“Ecological footprint implications of discards reduction in selected fisheries”

Mr. Gonzalo Rodríguez (University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain)
“Input – output analysis of the economic impact of the landing obligation enforcement”

Mr. Francisco J. Ferreiro (University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain)
“Economic result of the valuation of discards through the iDVP of the Port of Marín”

17:30 – 18:00  Coffee break and Poster Session

20:00  Bus to the Gala Dinner
Departure point at MARTEC’18 Venue (C/Policarpo Sanz, 24-26)

20:30 Gala Dinner: Pazo Los Escudos Hotel y Spa Resort


(FRIDAY, 4th May)

Morning session

THEMATIC SESSION TOPIC 5: The future of the fishing sector

09:15  Opening session

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Mr. Ernesto Penas (DG Mare)
“Implementing the landing obligation under the Common Fisheries Policy”

10:00 Round table with experts from different stakeholders

MODERATOR: Mr. Ernesto Penas (DG Mare)

PARTICIPANS (One introductory talk per participant): Mr. Nikos Zampoukas (DG Research), Mr. Santiago Urquijo (DG Environment), Mr. Pingguo He (FAO, Rome), Mr. Juan Carlos Martín Fragueiro (OPROMAR, Spain) and Mr. Rafael Centenera Ulecia (Secretary General for Maritime Fisheries, Spain)

11:00  Coffee break

11:30 Round table with experts from different stakeholders (Cont’)

12:15 General discussion with the audience

13:30 Closing Ceremony of MARTEC’18

16:30 – 20:30  Visit to Islas Cíes, part of the “Islas Atlánticas National Park”. Limited seats avaliable